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  Report of The 5th World Junior Wushu Championships
April 03 , 2014
  USAWKF Hosts Junior and Traditional Team Trials
April 14 , 2014
  5th World Junior Wushu Championship Sanshou Athletes Selection Commit...
January 26 , 2014
  2014 International Wushu Judges Examination Course
January 26 , 2014
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  2014 International Wushu Judges Examination Course
January 26 , 2014
  Welcome to USAWKF's Official Website
The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) is the official United States representative to the 139 member-nation International Wushu Federation (IWUF). The USAWKF is the first and only organization in the U.S. to successfully develop regional and national activities and its formation has tremendously improved the way Wushu-Kungfu events are managed and conducted in the U.S. USAWKF has also made significant contributions to the worldwide development of Wushu today. As the official USA representative to IWUF, USAWKF selects teams to participate in the official World and Continental Wushu Championships. USAWKF has been a strong supporter of IWUF's goal of making Wushu an Olympic sport, one day. The IWUF is an official IOC member since 2002, and hosted the "Wushu Tournament Beijing 2008" from August 21-24th, 2008, during the Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing. USAWKF wants to thank those who have contributed and dedicated themselves in the past decade to build this dynamic organization. If you are not yet a member we urge you to join us and become a part of the movement to develop and promote the sport of Wushu/Kungfu in the United States!
USAWKF would like to thank Kung Fu Direct, the major official sponsor for USAWKF events and US teams. Kung Fu Direct (www.kungfudirect.com) is an organization dedicated to the furthering of the martial arts world and distribution of high quality, diverse and affordable martial arts supplies.
  Events Registration Forms
  2011 USAWKF National Team Trials Code for all Events
  2011 USAWKF National Team Trials Registration Form
  2011 USAWKF National Team Trials Duilian & Jiti Name List
  The 11th WWC Waiver of Liabilities
  The 11th WWC Application Forms for Hospitality
  The 11th WWC Entry Forms