The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation


2018 USAWKF Junior Team Trials and National Championships

Address: Ciciv Center, Lubbock, TX
Beginning Date: April 20, 2018
End Date: April 22, 2018

2018 USAWKF Junior Team Trials and USAWKF National Championships

The 2018 USAWKF Junior Team Trials and National Championships will be held in Lubbock, Texas at the Civic Center Exhibit Hall Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22.

The USAWKF and the local organizing committee are aware that having the Junior Team Trials during the academic school year is not ideal however there was no alternative this year as the 7th Junior World Championships are being held in July 10-17, 2018 in Brasilia, Brazil and the registration closes eight weeks prior to competition. After completing registration for these team trials, the USAWKF can provide a letter for the competitor's education institution if they need proof of the competitor's time away.

Taolu will have three age groups:
Group A: born in 2000-2002 (3rd Set of International Competition Routines)
Group B: born in 2003-2005 (1st Set of International Competition Routines)
Group C: born in 2006-2011 (Elementary Routines)

Sanda will have a single age group born in 2000-2002

The Taolu Junior Team Trials is expected to be quite large so competition is being scheduled to begin on Friday morning and will conclude on Sunday afternoon with the results being announced Sunday evening. Thus, it is recommended that Team Trial competitors plan on arriving in Lubbock no later than Thursday, April 19 and depart on Monday, April 23.

The official hotel of this competition is the MCM Elegante. This hotel is the closest hotel to the competition venue (right across the street) and will be giving our competitors a great rate. Please mention the "USAWKF Team Trials and Nationals" when making your reservation.

One change of note for this year is all competitors for both the Sanda and Taolu Junior Team Trials will be required to present their US passport to compete at the 2018 Team Trials. It is an International Wushu Federation requirement that all athletes have a passport so we are simply making our regulations match the international standard. If you are planning on competing and do not have a passport please arrange to apply for one well in advance as the process takes four to six weeks. More information on getting or renewing a passport can be found at

More information will be made available as the event gets closer at the official website

Schedule of Events

Taolu & Sanda Nationals with Sanda Team Trials
Check in on Friday
Events are Saturday starting at 9:00am and will run continuously until the conclusion of all events with breaks for meals.

Junior Taolu and Taiji Team Trials
Check in on Thursday
Events are Friday to Sunday Morning

Note: There has been a change to this year's schedule of events putting weapon events first and empty hand events last. This was implemented to help competitors in the C group for whom their empty hand routine is a required part of their score. In the past, the empty hand event was held first but by putting weapons first, the C Group athletes can start with events which can be replaced if they don't do their best the first time out. We are trying to create a layout that will allow each athlete to have their best scores used. Best of luck to all competitors!

The Junior Team Trials and Taiji Team Trials will be held on two rings. Below is the order of events for each ring