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Pan American Wushu Federation Judge's Certification Course

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Date:April 15-April 21
Location:Lubbock, Texas, USA

This is the registration for the 2018 Pan American Wushu Federation(PAWF) Judges's Certification Course which will be taught concurrently with the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) Judge's Course April 15-23 in Lubbock, Texas USA. The holder of this PAWF Judge's Certification will be granted the same rights and privileges of those with the IWUF Judge's Grade B Certification within the PAWF nations and territories. In order to qualify for this Certification the participants must successfully complete the judge's course and receiving passing scores on the relevant examinations in accordance with IWUF standard.

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This registration is for all PAWF countries except the USA.
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Include Food and Lodging Package This package will include food and lodging for the duration of the course as well as transportation to and from the airport. There are two lodging options. You can share a room with another course participant of the same gender. The cost of this package will be an additional $480. Alternatively you can stay in a room by yourself. The cost of this package will be an additional $816

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