The United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation

2020 USAWKF Online Summer Seminar Series

The United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) is happy to announce the new Online Seminar Series. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic adversely affecting our community on an unprecedented scale, this series was established as a way for us to come together and celebrate the practice of Wushu together even as we have to stay physically apart.

The Online Seminar Series will be conducted as webinars and classes on Zoom. Each session with be 1 hour long, taught in English and will cover topics representing the vast diversity of Wushu including: Traditional Kungfu, Internal Chinese martial arts, Contemporary Wushu Taolu and Sanda. These seminars will be held throughout the summer on the following dates:

  • June 13
  • June 27
  • July 11
  • July 25
  • August 8
  • August 22

We are pleased that many great Wushu masters have volunteered their time to teach these courses and it is our hope that Wushu athletes, practitioners and enthusiasts alike find courses to interest them and so we come together as a community and share our passion for wushu.

Our Next Upcoming Event:

August 22

Join us on Saturday in the following Zoom webinar
  • 1:00pm EDT Jim Kragtwyk - Advanced Chung Chi and how it relates to Wing Chun's 3 combat scenarios.
  • 2:00pm EDT Matt Wong - Wushu Taolu Rules for American Athletes
  • 3:00pm EDT Peter Wolf - Strong Foundation
  • 4:00pm EDT Brandon Sugiyama - Practicing Wushu in Small Places
  • 5:00pm EDT Alfred Hsing - A Wushu Champion's Journey
  • 6:00pm EDT Lynn Lin - Essentials of the 24 Movement Taijiquan
  • 7:00pm EDT Bruce Wang - Fundamental Sanda
  • 8:00pm EDT Ian Lee - Understanding Sanda Rules

About the Instructors

Jim Kragtwyk (風孝智)
Master of Psychology in Victoria University; Practitioner of Wing Chun since 1991; Wing Chun Sifu in Victoria, British Columbia since 2001 and developing a school in Aguascalientes, Mexico for the past year; IWUF World Wing Chun Open Competition 2018 China, Foshan Gold Medal Winner.

Matt Wong
Matt Wong is the coach of the Orange County Wushu Association in Irvine, CA. He began practicing wushu in 1994 under Coach Vadim Zhukov who started the UC Irvine Wushu Club and then with Coach Chris Ho at the Southern California Wushu Academy. Matt began judging in 2006 and is a member of the International Wushu Federation(IWUF) Technical Committee on the Judges Subcommittee, member of the Pan American Wushu Federation(PAWF) Technical Committee, member of the Executive Board of the United States Wushu Kungfu Federation (USAWKF) and is the Chair of the USAWKF Competition and Event Management Committee.

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf is an elite level instructor with the Strong First school of strength. He has almost 20 years of experience as a professional trainer and over 30 years as a student of martial arts.

Brandon Sugiyama
Brandon Sugiyama is a wushu athlete, competitor and judge from the United States of America. He has competed on the USA Team at the World Wushu Championships, World Traditional Wushu Championships, World Taijiquan Championships and the Pan-American Wushu Championships. Brandon is a certified IWUF wushu judge and continues to practice wushu and taiji in New York city with Sifu Chen Ying. As founder of JIAYO, Brandon shares wushu videos, photos and news to help support and promote the wushu community. During the pandemic, he is teaching several weekly online wushu classes from his modest Brooklyn apartment where he has developed a curriculum of exercises that empower wushu enthusiasts from around the world to build and refine their wushu skills while practicing at home.

Alfred Hsing
Alfred Hsing is the first American wushu taolu athlete to win a gold medal at the World Wushu Championships. He worked closely as Jet Li's executive assistant and was also a member of the Jackie Chan stunt team. As an actor, he has appeared on Silicon Valley and Ready Player One. He was a stunt coordinator on Ip Man 3. He is also the producer of his own series, Martial Arts and a Meal.

Lynn Lin
Lynn X. Lin is a certified IWUF Wushu Taolu Judge and judged at the last World Taijiquan Championships in Bulgaria. She started training at 7 years old and is a Fujian College of Physical Education graduate. She worked at the Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine as Director of the Traditional Health Maintenance Teaching & Research Office of the Sports Department and head coach of the college Wushu team. Lynn was awarded the title of China’s Best College Trainer on three occasions. Several dissertations she wrote on Tai Chi and Fitness were published in China’s national journals.

Bruce Wang
Bruce begain training in Sanda over 10 years ago. He has won medals from various national events. He represented Team USA in the 14th World Wushu Championships in Russia, at University Games in Taiwan and again at the 15th World Wushu Championships in China. Bruce has been a coach in Texas since 2013 and enjoys seeing people achieve happiness through training.

Ian Lee
Coach Lee began his martial arts training at a young age. After he became an athlete, Coach Lee participated in many combative competitions such as boxing and Chinese quick wrestling, and specialized in the Sanda combat style. He held a superior record during his athletic career which includes seven times national champions and two times international champions. Coach Lee has been assigned by USAWKF as the head coach for the U.S.A. Sanda Team and lead the team to World Wushu Championships multiple times. Currently, he dedicates himself to promoting and coaching Sanda at United Martial Arts Training Center in Lubbock.