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Passing of Dr Wu Chengde

Famous Wushu Master, Physician, and Supporter of U.S. Wushu

On August 17, 2020, the wushu community lost a historic figure with the passing of Dr. Wu Chengde at the age of 90.

Dr. Wu was born in Shanghai in 1930. He suffered from ill health growing up, so his parents sent him to learn traditional wushu from Wang Ziping, a famous master of wushu who had faced and defeated boxing, wrestling, and karate challengers in his youth. Under Dr. Wang, Dr. Wu developed a healthy body and mind; he also fell in love with Dr. Wang's daughter, Madame Wang Jurong, and they married in 1955.

Dr. Wu was one of a long line of wushu masters who were also accomplished physicians. He and Ms. Wang also competed, coached, and judged wushu in the beginning of the post-Republican era in China, even before official provincial competition teams had been organized.

Their three daughters all grew up to become wushu teachers in North America.

Dr. Wu and Ms. Wang's support in the U.S. beginning in 1989 were instrumental during the infancy of the sport here, and the USAWKF has always been grateful for their contributions in those critical early years. Dr. Wu was an official Advisor to the USAWKF in its early years, helping to establish standards for wushu promotion and competition. He and Ms. Wang also did a great deal of “on-the-ground” work as a Chief Referee or Chief Arbitrator at wushu competitions during that formative period.

For a full biography of Dr. Wu, please see his obituary.

For more information about Ms. Wang, you can read this biography written by her daughter, Ms. Grace Wu.

Kung Fu Magazine’s article on Dr. Wu’s passing

Rare footage from 1962 of Dr. Wang Ziping, Dr. Wu Chengde, and Ms. Wang Jurong

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